Regulations of the Cis hotel in Swinoujscie


Important booking information.

1. A room in the hotel is rented for a night.
Check-in starts at 2 p.m. and ends at 10 a.m. If the guest does not specify the length of stay, it is assumed that it is one night.
(3) When checking in at the hotel, the guest is obliged to present a document with a photograph to prove his/her identity. The hotel is not obliged to check in every guest.
Settlement for the stay at the hotel takes place on the day of arrival. The hotel does not return the amounts paid for the booked holiday.
5. in the event of cancellation during the stay, the hotel will not refund the fee
for unused services.
6 The guest may not transfer the codes, card and rented room for use to third parties.
If you wish to extend your stay, please inform us by 9:00 a.m. on a given day. The stay will be prolonged as far as possible and only after prior agreement at the reception of the accommodation facility.
8 Visitors to our guests are required to leave the hotel rooms before 10 p.m. The hotel guest is responsible for the behaviour of the visitors.
(9) The hotel may refuse to accommodate a guest who, during a previous stay, has grossly violated these rules causing damage to hotel property or guests or damage to the
on the person of the guest, a hotel employee or other persons.
10 The hotel provides services according to its category. If the guest has any reservations about the quality of the services, he/she is requested to report them to the reception.
(11) The guest is responsible for the room card received. There is a charge of 50.00 pln for the loss of the room card.
12. the Hotel shall not be liable for the loss of or damage to money, securities, valuables, other things and objects of value or objects of scientific or artistic value.
13. the hotel is not responsible for damage or loss of a car or other vehicle belonging to the guest , the monitored hotel car park is unguarded.
14. the hotel enforces curfew from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m., and during this time persons using the
of services are obliged to behave in such a way as not to disturb other guests.
15. For reasons of fire safety, it is forbidden to use heaters, irons and other electrical appliances which do not constitute room equipment in the rooms.
This does not apply to chargers and power supplies for laptops and computers. Guests are not allowed to: throw cigarette butts and used matches into the waste bin, bring in and store flammable, corrosive or odorous materials.
16. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the facility. Smoking in the room and on the balcony is associated with
with a financial penalty of PLN 500.
17. Before leaving the room or going to bed, the guest should: close the taps of the plumbing system, close the window or immobilise it to protect it from damage
in the event of a thunderstorm or other atmospheric phenomena, switch off electrical appliances.
18. The guest bears full material responsibility for any damage of any kind
or damage to objects, equipment and technical facilities caused by his or her fault
or visitors. The guest shall notify the hotel reception of the damage as soon as it is discovered.
19. it is forbidden to go outside the hotel or to move from room to room.
or balcony furnishings and rearranging furniture in the room without the consent of the hotel management.
20. gambling is prohibited.
21 Persons who have come to the hotel with children are obliged to look after them. The hotel management is not responsible for the safety and care of children.
(22) In the event of a breach of the regulations, the hotel may refuse to provide further services to the offending party. Such a person is obliged to immediately comply with the demands of the hotel staff or management, in particular to pay for the damage done
and destruction and to leave the hotel premises.
23. personal belongings left in the room by a departing guest
will be sent back at his/her expense to the address indicated. If there is no disposition, the hotel will store the items for 3 months and then donate them to charity
or for public use.
24. Signing the registration card is tantamount to acceptance of the regulations.
(25) Guests staying on the premises are required to familiarise themselves with the fire safety instructions located in the hotel room.
26. any other matters not covered by these rules and regulations but related to your stay can be clarified.
at the hotel office "cis " on working days between 9:00 and 12:00.

By communicating these rules to the honourable guests
We wish you a pleasant stay in our hotel.

Booking regulations

I. Online Booking Process

Booking through the booking system takes place as follows:

The client is offered a choice of offered Packages and standard accommodation, which are presented in the booking panel.

(2) After reviewing the contents and price of the Package, the client can choose the date of the selected room and additional options or stay package.

(3) Once the Offer has been selected, the Customer proceeds to the next step, the form, in which he or she fills in his or her personal data and his or her comments on the booking.

(4) Once the details have been completed, the customer can make an advance payment by one of the methods chosen:

* by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Eurocard, JCB, Diners Club, Polcard)
* Payments by electronic bank transfer (mTransfer, Pay with Inteligo, MultiTransfer, Przelew24)
* by standard bank transfer

(*Credit card and e-transfer transactions are carried out against
through the Dotpay Settlement Centre.*)

4a. When one of the first two options is selected, the Customer is redirected to a page enabling the Advance Payment through the Dotpay Payment Service System. Data is authorised by connecting to the Dotpay System using an encrypted 128 bit protocol. Once the payment is accepted by the Dotpay System, the customer is automatically notified by email about the confirmation of the payment and the booking - the email will contain: customer details, the name of the hotel, a description of the offer, the total price of the stay, the down payment and the amount to be paid in advance at the hotel. The remaining amount for the purchased stay is paid by the client at the hotel. As a basis for the down payment and settlement of the remaining amount, the e-mail confirming the reservation should be presented at the reception.

4b. If the Client chooses the third option ( pay by bank transfer or pay later ) - the Client receives by e-mail a confirmation of the Initial Reservation, which will be confirmed AFTER the payment of the advance payment, which can be made by standard bank transfer or by the online system. The reservation is kept as a Preliminary reservation for 48 h from the moment of booking and can be cancelled if the deposit is not received within this time. Once the deposit has been paid, the customer will receive an email confirming the booking, which must be presented to the hotel reception for full settlement.

Ia. Reservations On Request

If a room is not available online, a room may be offered to the Client on request. After filling in the form, the client will receive an e-mail confirming the availability of the date ( or lack thereof ) and information on how to pay the deposit. The client can pay the deposit by credit card, electronic bank transfer or standard bank transfer. Once the deposit has been paid, the client will receive an email confirming the booking, which must be presented to the hotel reception for full settlement.

II. Fees and Cancellation of Reservations

(1) The client pays the calculated Advance Payment in one of the three ways available in the system, the remaining part is paid upon arrival at the Hotel.

(2) The Customer shall not bear any costs arising from the execution of the Booking transaction.

(3) In the event of a Cancellation of a Booking made no later than 30 days before the start date of the stay, the Cancellation is free of charge. The hotel is obliged to refund the full amount of the deposit within 21 days.

(4) In the event of Cancellation of a Booking less than 30 days prior to the date of arrival, the Advance Payment shall remain at the Hotel. Cancellations within such a period entail the loss of the full amount of the Advance Payment.
Complaints regarding payment transactions can be submitted to: The time limit for processing a complaint request is 15 days.

5. in the event of Cancellation of a Booking between 01.05.2022 and 31.08.2022 the deposit paid is non-refundable.

6. non-refundable reservation paid 100%: in case of cancellation of such reservation, the full amount paid is forfeited.

III. Final Findings

(1) The customer is responsible for the correct completion of the data on the booking form. The Hotel will not be held responsible for incorrect selection of arrival or departure dates or incorrect completion of the data form by the Client.

2. The electronic payment system is responsible for the correct handling of the collection of booking amounts.

The hotel and the company operating the online booking service are not liable for unavailability of the system due to no fault of theirs or other independent factors.

IV. Personal Data

(1) When making a Booking on the Hotel's booking panel, the Customer agrees to the inclusion of his/her personal data in the website's database. This data will be used to enable the full Booking process and for marketing purposes in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Agreement of 27 April 2016.

2 In accordance with the obligations under the Data Protection Regulation of 27 April 2016. (Official Journal of the EU L 119 of 04.05.2016), the controller of the Customer's personal data is the Hotel.

(3) Recipients of the Customer's personal data will only be entities authorised to obtain personal data on the basis of the law, entities participating in the provision of services - including the operator of the booking system: Tomasz Długopolski, ul. Szrenicka 46, 58-560 Jelenia Góra, NIP: 613-102-96-97.

4 The Hotel and data processors undertake to keep confidential all information and personal data obtained for the purpose of providing the Booking Service.

5 The customer has the right to request access to personal data from the controller, the right to rectification, erasure or restriction of processing and the right to data portability.

6 The provision of personal data is voluntary, but necessary for the Booking Service.

7. the seller of services and the owner of the website is the company Hotel CIS Danuta Dziedzicka, ul. marsz. Józefa Piłsudskiego 26, 72-600 Świnoujście, NIP 855 126 74 53.

V. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

By checking the I have read the Terms and Conditions option, the Customer understands and agrees to the terms and conditions contained therein. Failure to accept the Terms and Conditions will result in the Booking not being possible.

Privacy Policy.

1. this Privacy Policy sets out the principles for the processing and protection of personal data provided by users in connection with their use of the services offered by the website (hereinafter: the Website)

(2) With a view to ensuring the security of the personal data entrusted to it, the Administrator shall act on the basis of internal procedures and recommendations, in compliance with the relevant legal acts on the protection of personal data, and in particular with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46 EC.

(3) The controller shall take particular care to protect the interests of data subjects and shall in particular ensure that personal data are:
a. processed lawfully;
b. collected for specified, legitimate purposes and not further processed in a way incompatible with those purposes;
c. Substantially correct and adequate in relation to the purposes for which they are processed;
d. kept in a form which permits identification of data subjects for no longer than is necessary to achieve the purpose of the processing.

4 Personal data are processed on the basis of the consent given by users of the Service and in cases where the provisions of the applicable law authorise the Administrator to process personal data.

(5) The Administrator processes the personal data voluntarily provided by the users of the Website, for the sole purpose of: responding to enquiries made by users using the contact form, to the following extent:
a. name
b. e-mail address
c. telephone number

6 Personal data of service users is not sold or shared with third parties and is subject to profiling, i.e. automated processing for the purpose of assessing and determining personal characteristics or needs of users.

(7) The data processed by the Administrator shall be accessible to the user of the Service who submitted them. The user also has the right to modify this data, to request its transfer to another entity and to restrict or stop the processing of his/her personal data at any time. At any time, the user may also revoke the consent previously given for the processing of his/her data and request the deletion of his/her personal data from the Service.

(8) In order to exercise their rights indicated in para. 8 above, the Service user should contact the Administrator using the same email address or telephone number provided to the Service by contacting the facility address.

9 The administrator performs the functions of obtaining information about users and their behaviour as follows:
a. by voluntarily entering information in the form,
b. by collecting "cookies"

10 The first time the user visits the website, he/she is informed of the use of cookies. By remaining on the website, the user accepts the use of ordinary cookies on the website. Failure to change the browser settings on the users' part is tantamount to consenting to the use of cookies.

11 The installation of cookies is necessary for the proper provision of services on the Website The cookies contain information necessary for the proper functioning of the Website, in particular those requiring authorisation. The user may, at any time, change the settings of his/her browser so that cookies are either accepted or rejected, or so that the user is notified not to place these files on his/her computer.

12. the Service uses the following types of "cookies"
a. session - they remain in your browser until you switch it off or log out of the website on which they are posted,
b. permanent - they remain in the web browser of the device until they are deleted by the user or until a predetermined period of time as specified in the parameters of the cookie.

13 The Website may contain links to other websites that operate independently of the Website and are not supervised in any way by the Website. These websites may have their own privacy policies and regulations, which we recommend you read carefully.

14 The Administrator reserves the right to change the privacy policy of the Service, which may be caused by the development of Internet technology, possible changes in the law on personal data protection and the development of the Service. We will inform users of any changes in a visible and understandable manner.